Privacy Policy

What information do we store ?

Maxinima stores only the information needed to identify you as a customer (name, email, company name), and keep track of your licenses, requests (in our support system) or comments (in our documentation portal). We alos may keep your ip addresses in our web server when you access our website.

As we are using Google Analytics to analyze this website, Google stores information about your visits to this website, and use it for reporting. You can read their privacy policy here :

Do we share your information ?

No, Maxinima does not share your information with anyone, unless required by law.

Can you request us to modify or delete your information ?

You can request that we provide you with any information we have about you. We will provide this on simple request.

About informations about quotes, invoices, payments, it is required by law that we keep this information for years before we can delete them. Failure to do so would put our company at risk.

You can ask us to modify your private information, to keep it up to date, but legal information will not be deleted, even if you request it.

Can I contact you with a specific question ?

Yes, of course, feel free to contact us. Our email is :

Is this privacy policy subject to change ?

Yes, laws change, so we may have to update this page to reflect any change to our privacy policy.